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Learn about art materials and how to stretch a canvas.

Guy Shoham, M.A.


From an early age I liked painting and drawing, and I just knew that I was going to be an artist. During my B.A. I learned the techniques of printing, animation, sculpture, ceramic and photography, but my passion was always for colour and painting.


I graduated from the M.A. programme at Chelsea College of Art with distinction and got a scholarship to attend the ‘Drawing Year’ at the Royal School of Drawing.


Since then I have been working and painting in my Brixton Studio and have had the chance to show my work in numerous exhibitions. Since 2006 I have also enjoyed teaching and sharing my knowledge and passion at the Richmond School of Painting.

Painting Machine- Guy Shoham is an artist book  showcase 10 years of studio practice. 

My works can be viewed on



I would like to thank my students, past and present. 

Hari Dass, an Indian Yogi says:


  “teach in order to learn”


I do feel that I keep learning and developing as an artist

and as an art tutor all the time, thanks to you.


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