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Classes for beginners at your own pace.

The School provides Painting and Drawing classes for adults in Ham, Richmond.

The focus of the school is on painting from observation, and students are encouraged to try out various media and approaches. The class size is up to 15 students and every student gets individual attention and guidance.


The School was established in September 2006 as the 'Ham Studio School', after a group of committed art students persuaded Guy Shoham to establish a private school in Richmond, to provide an affordable, local and permanent base for their work with him.


The group is comprised of people from every walk of life and across a wide range of ages (16 – 90), with a variety of aspirations for their adventure into art.  We have many new students and some who remain from the original class and have developed their talents and techniques over many years. 


In a relaxed and congenial atmosphere, it is possible to take risks without fear of criticism or to be stretched in unexpected and challenging ways.  

G. McEwan painting at Richmond School of Painting
John's painting.

The late Geraldine McEwan and John Marrige.  

Much missed former pupils.

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