Drawing at London's Museums with Guy Shoham, 

Wednesdays 14:00-17:00  (Starting 29th September)

OR Saturdays, 10:00-13:00  (Starting 2nd October)

9 sessions,  £180


This term is about Slow Looking. Drawing will allow us the time to concentrate our attention on only a few objects during each session in the museum

Allow 20 minutes to view the objects, choose an object and start to draw. Try to limit yourself to drawing one or two objects during the session. 

The first sesion will be a Zoom meeting. We will start with a short talk and preparation of paper with washes of acrylics (or watercolours) New students will get individual tuition. 

Please prepare in advance some good quality watercolour paper (A3), a big soft brush, containers and a few colours to use for washes (Make sure you have two warm colours like ochre and orange as well as two cold colours - blue and green). Please bring these sheets with you to the visits.

2nd session: Visit to the Victoria & Albert (3D objects)
3rd session: Visit to the Victoria & Albert (Space and display)
4th session:Visit to the British Museum (3D objects from the collection)
(26- 30/10 - half term. You are welcome to set a meeting to visit a museum)
5th session Visit to the British Museum (3D objects from the collection, Ancient Greece) 13/11 Visit to the National Gallery (Draw a painting from the icons collection)
6th session  Visit to the National Gallery (Draw a painting from the Renaissance collection)

7th session Visit to the Wallace Collection. Draw the space and display.

Last session will be  Zoom meeting. In this session we will discuss your ideas- how to develop one or more drawings into a painting. Think about size of painting, how you translate information into the painting. How to build the painting with layers. What is important for you to keep from the drawing and what is less important.

You will probably have to book free entry tickets for yourself in advance. If there are no tickets available, do book for the next slot available. I’ll be able to guide you as you arrive at the museum.

At the time of writing this program, we are still not allowed to attend some of the museums as a group. Therefore, try not to gather in groups of more then 3 people. I will let you know the room numbers for each session.

You can get seats in the museum or bring your own folding seat. We won’t have a coffee break- but we will go for coffee together at the end of the class.

Learn about art materials and how to stretch a canvas.

Guy Shoham, M.A.


From an early age I liked painting and drawing, and I just knew that I was going to be an artist. During my B.A. I learned the techniques of printing, animation, sculpture, ceramic and photography, but my passion was always for colour and painting.


I graduated from the M.A. programme at Chelsea College of Art with distinction and got a scholarship to attend the ‘Drawing Year’ at the Royal School of Drawing.


Since then I have been working and painting in my Brixton Studio and have had the chance to show my work in numerous exhibitions. Since 2006 I have also enjoyed teaching and sharing my knowledge and passion at the Richmond School of Painting.

'Painting Machine'-  an Artist book about my work was published in May 2019.

My works can be viewed on   www.guyshoham.com.