Curating Contemporary Art

starting in September 2018.

on Mondays, 7.30 - 9.30pm Location to be confirmed.

Have you ever wondered what curating involves? Are you an artist who's planning an exhibition of your own artworks? Or perhaps you're thinking about a career as a curator in a museum or gallery? Or, do you run a café, doctor's surgery, or office building, and want to brighten your walls and support artists at the same time? Or do you collect art and want to make the very best of what you have?


This introductory course will explore some of the creative and practical aspects of curating.  

The sessions will include: 

  • a step-by-step guide to organising exhibitions

  • a look at some examples of curating

  • creative exercises that will get you thinking like a curator.


Session 1  

A complete overview of an exhibition curated by Angela Kingston, the course tutor. Looking at the process from start to finish – and introducing the ingredients of the rest of the course


Session 2

How do curators get ideas for shows?

Exercise: a very close look at some artworks


Session 3

Plus: a look at different types of exhibitions, from one-person retrospectives to thematic group shows

Exercise: comparing examples 


Session 4

How do curators find out about artists? And, researching the background and creating depth to exhibitions

Exercise: a look at some case studies


Session 5

The importance of titles

Exercise: brainstorming a title for an exhibition

Plus: Making the case for exhibitions and selling them to galleries

Exercise: a look at some sample exhibition proposals


Session 6

Deciding where and how artworks are shown

Exercise: planning the layout of a show on paper


Session 7

Attracting audiences via press coverage 

Exercise: comparing examples of information circulated to the media by galleries


Session 8

The importance of good design

Exercise: a look at how curators create the identities of shows


Session 9

How do curators communicate with exhibition visitors?

Exercise: thinking about different kinds of information for different types of people


Session 10

Organising events that help people go deeper into their experience of art

Exercise: comparing different approaches 

Plus: next steps?


(NB this programme may be subject to change.)


PLUS Art Trek gallery tours, included in the price of the Curating Course, on the first Saturday of each month. 


The course tutor is Angela Kingston, a practicing contemporary art curator with a strong track record of working with artists, attracting audiences and gaining media attention.