Life Drawing and Painting

Mondays 19:00- 22:00.

Classes are taught by Guy Shoham

17th January - 28th March 2022

Half term on 14/02

Course fee (10 sessions)  £320/ Concessionary rate £290

(Price includes models fees)

Group tuition and Individual attention will be given to all students.

Beginners are welcome 

Life Drawing and Painting, once the staple diet of students at

academies across the western world is being rediscovered as a

method of learning from observation and connecting with art of both

the past and present.


This course will build your confidence and skill in drawing and painting

the human form from observation.  The classes aim to offer a wide range of experiences with a number of physically varied models, for both short and long poses, ranging from 5 minutes to 2 sessions.

The Life Drawing and Painting class offers a journey of discovery for the beginner and experienced artist alike. Fundamental skills for successful draughtsmanship, colour theory, painting techniques and the use of mediums, glazes, grounds, supports, brushes and palette knives are explored afresh each term with a thematic approach that engages with a wide range of historical and contemporary artists.

Within this framework, students are able to develop at their own pace, progressively pursuing their own artistic ‘voice’ and interests as knowledge and confidence grow. Teaching is flexible to the needs of the individual and involves both group and one to one tuition, with as much or little tutorial input as desired.

This course is suitable for both beginners and more experienced students.


"...I would recommend Richmond School of Painting for several reasons. I am finally learning how to draw and paint properly, despite always being afraid of oils and commit my pencial and brush to paper. As we go along I also learn about the artists I want to know more about and see how I can incorporate some of their techniques and ideas into my work. The tuition is both hands on and subtle - you can ask as much as you like, or you can wait till the end of the class for a commentary; but detailed or short, you always understand the comments and criticism. I look forward to my painting class. It's a lot of fun, even if I take my work seriously. I like the 'hall' environment they have created and the people who attend the classes. Plus you get free tea and chocolate biscuits. Excellent."

Harry, Thursday afternoon class.