Art Trek

Saturdays 14:00-17:00

17th November

15th December

Become an expert in contemporary art

How to look at art? And where to start? 

We invite you to 'boldly go' on Art Trek tours of art exhibitions with

curator Angela Kingston.  Art Trek is friendly and informal.

Together, we view, discuss and learn about art by today's artists. 


From huge video installations to experimental drawings.

By world-famous artists, as well as ambitious artists who are just

starting out. Art Trek is unstuffy and avoids jargon. Helpful background

information is provided. A chance to meet other people with similar

interests, and gradually build our knowledge together.


"Enjoyable and enlightening. I was not disappointed in meeting the

lovely Angela Kingston." Art Trekker, May 2018 

Art Trek will be led by Angela Kingston, an art curator

since 1985. She also writes about art, most recently for

a Royal Academy book about drawing from the life model.

Art Trek Saturday -  £25 per meeting.  17th November, 15th December.

Please send us a message to book your space.

Art Trek will take place in central London (zone 1 and 2).

There will sometimes be additional ticket costs (mainly for museum's exhibition).

Please come with comfortable shoes as we will sometimes visit more than one gallery per session.

Thank you for the tour of the Sondra Perry show at the Serpentine.  Angela was so knowledgeable and articulate, and I was able to discover so much about the work.  The group was very sociable and we all found something to relate to.  I feel much more confident about discussing contemporary art now. I can't wait to go to the next gallery.

We went to see Sondra Perry at the Sackler Gallery, and Ian Cheng at the Serpentine. Angela took us round, and gave us information, and allowed us time on our own to absorb the exhibitions. Angela has a lovely way of including all of the group, to swap opinions and to discuss the art work, and artists. It was good to see two exhibitions out of  my comfort zone, that I would not normally have viewed. Ian Cheng's exhibition in particular, impressed me.

Susan Kerr.

Introduction to contemporary art
Beginners guide to contemporary art.
Contemporary art Appreciation

Angela Kingston,  MA PGCHE

Exhibition Tours 

When I was at art school, I was unusually interested in the other students' paintings, or sculptures, or photographs. So, following an MA in the History of Art at Leeds University, it was a natural move for me to become a curator – someone who dreams up ideas for exhibitions, persuades artists to be in them, and makes exhibitions happen.


Examples of my exhibitions can be found here, and I also love to write and teach about art and curating. It's all connected by my curiosity about what artists create in the HERE AND NOW, and my spirit of adventure. 


I'm also busy learning Mandarin and each spring I work on a farm as a lambing assistant.

Angela Kingston leads gallery visits