Experiential Painting with Melissa Kime.

Distance Leaning.

Tuesdays, 10:00-13:00  or 14:00-17:00.  

Starting on the 14.04 for 12 sessions.

All new students are invited for a trial class.

Through various assignments, drawing from observation and visual research, we will explore and create our own drawings and paintings

This is an experimental Painting Class that may lead you to the discovery of new horizons.

There will be a group discussion via video link as well as individual tuition via whats App or video calls.

Fee is £120 for 12 sessions.

...Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying Melissa’s art class - it is really getting me thinking about art and trying new techniques.  I love being challenged with the different ideas and she is always available to help, whilst allowing us to explore our own style.  It’s lovely that she is an exhibiting artist too.  I learn so much in each lesson; it’s great, just what I wanted.  


Annette, Tuesday morning class. 

Melissa at the London Art Fair, 2020.

Melissa Kime M.A.


Melissa Kime is a figurative artist who makes dream like expressive works, her paintings are set to a Roman Catholic backdrop they are cloaked in Catholic Folklore and magick. The women in her work perform rituals centred upon healing, jinx removal or the prevention of bad things happening-fertility spells and protection but mostly, these women are trying to connect together and survive, through the linking of menstrual blood, plaited hair and autobiographical experiences. 

Melissa graduated with a BA Fine Art in 2011 from Falmouth University, with a postgraduate diploma in drawing from the Royal Drawing School in 2012 and with an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art in 2015.


She has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad in both solo and group shows, she has won numerous prizes for both drawing and painting and her work is in many private collections.


Distance Leaning Summer Term's dates:

14th April - 4th July. 

Richmond School of Painting

is (usually) based in a church hall

on the corner of Lock Road

and Lawrence Road, Ham.

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