Drawing from narrative 

Experiential Painting course with Melissa Kime.

Distance Leaning.

Tuesdays, 10:00-15:00,

11 week course. £150

For this workshop I’d like to focus on the subject of immersive narratives. My work is based a lot on storytelling, and I think for me this is the most important aspect, I draw from autobiographical experiences, news stories, folk lore and from film and books, therefore I’d like to focus the class along the lines of what interests me and what I as an artist use as reference points.


I will use  characters from texts or cinematic references to form the basis of the students images or they could use mirrors and reflective surfaces to draw themselves into the body of work, to act as a model. I’d like to base a course on the lines of films that have continued to inspire me, throughout my career such as ‘The virgin suicides’ by Jeffery Eugenides (film by Sofia Coppola, 1999) or ‘Picnic at hanging rock’ by Joan Lindsey (film by Peter Weir, 1975). The students will develop their drawing through narrative and storytelling, combining observation with imagination, thus providing a place for the inventions of the mind to take hold and expand the possibilities of image making. 


As well as the reference points above we will draw inspiration from Greek myths to Grimms’ Fairy Tales, to stories of mermaid lore like Melusine and of course cinematic studies, where we can draw from clips of films that I choose. We will look at the recreations of renaissance history paintings, poetry and plays. Each day students will create their own environment or still life to work from, and combine this with a poem or narrative which will be a new story each day over the course of the week. These stories will help to depict a moment in an ongoing sequential narrative or as a sequence of events unfolding over time, from the sublime to the mysterious. Students will be encouraged with personal development and one to one tutor help through break out rooms on zoom. 



I would encourage students to have pre- primed paper already prepared with which they can work upon and if they could bring a selection of props that they can use such as pebbles or rocks, shells and crystals which can form the base of an abstract landscape of which to place characters upon. As well as having a mirror, or reflective item, dolls or vintage antique memorabilia. I like to use objects that I have a personal connection with as I feel this comes out more in the work. 

...Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying Melissa’s art class - it is really getting me thinking about art and trying new techniques.  I love being challenged with the different ideas and she is always available to help, whilst allowing us to explore our own style.  It’s lovely that she is an exhibiting artist too.  I learn so much in each lesson; it’s great, just what I wanted.  


Annette, Tuesday morning class. 

Melissa at the London Art Fair, 2020.

Melissa Kime M.A.


Melissa Kime is a figurative artist who makes dream like expressive works, her paintings are set to a Roman Catholic backdrop they are cloaked in Catholic Folklore and magick. The women in her work perform rituals centred upon healing, jinx removal or the prevention of bad things happening-fertility spells and protection but mostly, these women are trying to connect together and survive, through the linking of menstrual blood, plaited hair and autobiographical experiences. 

Melissa graduated with a BA Fine Art in 2011 from Falmouth University, with a postgraduate diploma in drawing from the Royal Drawing School in 2012 and with an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art in 2015.


She has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad in both solo and group shows, she has won numerous prizes for both drawing and painting and her work is in many private collections.